RX-78-2 Gundam Ver. One Year War

This is the RX-78-2 Gundam Ver. One Year War. This is the version released in 2007, since there was another version that was released in 2004-ish I think. Anyways, I bought this kit around 2 months ago at a local hobby shop, and I wanted this one because it looks more pleasing to the eyes than the 2.0 version ^^;

Out of the box, you’ll have 10 runners including the beam sabers and polycaps. You’ll also get a chain for the Gundam Hammer and your assortments of foil stickers, clear stickers, and dry transfer decals. The colors are worth noting, the red and blue are kinda tone down, almost pastel like, the yellow is a very orange yellow. The white is more greenish white then say the MG Freedom’s pure white.  The inner frame is also a greenish grey. The weapons (except the Gundam Hammer) are molded all in this light purple grey.

Building this kit is actually pretty easy. You build the inner frame first, then put on the outer armor, and you’re done.

The leg inner frame is worth noting because there is a preassembled frame for the legs, and they are a pain to cut out but not hard. Cleaning the nub marks is a PITA though for these two pieces.

Another thing to note is the panel lining. If you’ve build the old Gundam Wing or Gundam X kits before, then these panel lines are old news to you. It is tiring to ink every one of the lines, but I think they bring out more detail on the Gundam. Be aware that the lines are shallow for some of them, and you can wipe them away if you play with it too much.

Articulation wise, it’s pretty decent. Head can turn and go up and down. The arms can rotate 360 at and below the shoulder joint. Waist is on a double ball joint, but the upper ball joint does all the work. The legs and arms can bend 180 degrees. The feet can bend up and down some what, and the toe can go up and down. The hips can spread but not a lot for more dynamic poses. Also, there are some open panels on the back of the legs that don’t really expose much. >.>


  • I painted up the eyes in gold and going over the “mask” with a Gundam Real Touch Marker Grey 3, the front camera in clear red, and the back in plain red. Head Vulcans are painted in yellow.
  • Painted the insides of the thrusters in gunmetal.
  • Used up most of the dry transfer and some of the clear stickers.
  • Top coat after panel lining and decaling.

For weapons and such, the Gundam comes with it’s signature beam rifle, shield, hyper bazooka, and beam sabers. This kit also comes with a Gundam Hammer, but no Core Fighter.

All armed up

Close Up


Overall, this is an good master grade kit. I would get this if you’re just looking for a RX-78-2 or if you want to start on your first master grade kit. If you’re into posing your kits in dynamic poses though, then I have to suggest the 2.0 version. But this is the cheaper, more good looking alternative.


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