Child of Light – A Shining Example in the Gaming Industry

Posted by Tom on May 23, 2014

While my blog is mostly about Gundam and Gunpla models, video games is as much as a hobby for me as Gunpla is. For this post, I want to give my thoughts on the game and how it stands in the current state of the video game.
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Thoughts on 2014 Shizuoka Hobby Show

Posted by Tom on May 19, 2014

So another Shizuoka Hobby Show has passed and we are once again shown new gunpla news. So what do I think about some of these news?
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Back again for summer!

Posted by Tom on May 15, 2014

Gonna give my thoughts on the gunpla news from the 53rd Shizuoka Hobby show later.

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MG Gundam X Get!

Posted by Tom on February 5, 2014


Also got another MG Wing Gundam and some waterslide decals. Don’t expect anything from these kits anytime soon…

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Boxart for MG Gundam X is Badass

Posted by Tom on December 26, 2013

Badass boxart is badass. Makes you wonder why Bandai don’t sell wall scrolls of these boxarts.

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Some Holiday Loot

Posted by Tom on December 19, 2013


I know I haven’t made quite a lot of post this year, as the second anniversary of this blog passed. I can’t really promise a lot for next year either. But my love for Gundam and gunpla is still strong, as evident by my holiday gift for myself, minus the valvrave which I bought a couple of weeks ago. Also got some waterslide decals. I’ll try to get more content up, but I think I’m gonna stop making promises I can’t keep haha ^^’.

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Master Grade Gundam X Announced + 53rd All Japan Model Show Thoughts

Posted by Tom on October 11, 2013

I interrupt my long hiatus with school to give my thoughts on the recent Gunpla news. And what do I see?! Master Grade Gundam X!!! Can’t believe this is happening. It’s like a dream come true! TToTT

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MG Aile Strike Gundam RM Review is Up!

Posted by Tom on September 9, 2013

DSC09789So that was quite the hiatus. Sorry for the long absent. I’m pretty sure you all know why post have been going slow or almost non existent. To make up for the long absent, I’ve told myself to do the reviews that I’ve been slouching on. The first of this is the MG Strike Version RM, which you can look here, or go the Master Grade tab. Just a heads up, I refer to the 2003 MG Aile Strike as “Old Strike” and “older Strike MG” and “Strike (2003) and the newer Strike as “Strike RM” or “new Strike.” And yes, I do have the Launcher and Sword Striker pack, but I’ll include those in the Aile Strike review by next week.

I’ll be doing these review every one to two weeks, mainly because I feel that I haven’t been keeping my promise for reviews of kits that I said that I’ll do reviews on. Next one after the Strike RM is completely done is the RG Zaku II. From there, I have other kits like the MG Duel, HG Legilis, RG Gundam MK II, among others in my review backlog.

In terms of painting kits and work in progress, those are put on the back burner for now since I don’t live at home anymore. I might move some of my painting equipment to my new place of stay. But for now, my many Gunpla projects I have in mind will have to be on hold. Hopefully, I’ll have time to do some project by November or December, assuming gaming isn’t taking up my free time within those months… With that said, I’ll see you guys later. *Collapse onto bed*

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Gundam Build Fighters And Other News I’m Interested In…

Posted by Tom on July 2, 2013

I think at this rate everyone has at least heard or read the new Gundam project that is going on at Sunrise. I’m going to skip all the info stuff about the new series since you can read it on Gundamguy or other news site. The series seems to be build from (and might be part of) the Gunpla Builders series. In terms of my opinion, while I am a little disappointed that this isn’t a new “serious” Gundam series, I think that if the series doesn’t take itself too serious and is one of those fun to watch type show, it might be good. The series airs in october, but I’m predicting that this isn’t going be a long series. I might be wrong, but there’s only so much you can do with the whole “main protagonist wants to be the best at (insert some game here).” Like I said, so long as the show doesn’t take it self too serious (like having some conspiracy that will doom mankind that can only be stopped by battling in a virtual Gundam fight or something stupid like that), than it’ll be an enjoyable watch.
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RG Green Zaku Almost Done

Posted by Tom on June 21, 2013


I know I said I’ll try to pump out more content during the summer, well expect weekly droughts like this. I’ve scraped the HG God Gundam due to the fact the paint job on the kit didn’t turn the way I liked it to be. So I’m just gonna review this RG Zaku. Just need to build the weapons, decal, panel line, and top coat and it’s on to the review.

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