1/144 Scale Real Grade RX-78-2 Gundam

I’m pretty sure I don’t need to introduce what the RX-78-2 Gundam is. The granddaddy of all Gundams, the first Gundam to be shown on TV. Piloted by Amuro Ray, it is no doubt the symbol of the Gundam franchise. Of course, this is also the first real grade to come out. I’m pretty sure many people have seen a lot real grade RX-78 reviews, so why not add one more. This is my second build of this model, my first one having broke many months ago…

Out of the box, you will get 10 different runners of parts, the manual, and a sheet of stickers to add detail to the kit.

I should mention that I have fully painted my kit. I also used the water slide decals as seen above, because I didn’t like using the clear stickers when I was building my first real grade RX-78 and the Aile Strike.

I guess I should go into what colors I used. For the inner frame, the advance MS joints are spray painted with Rust-Oluem Metallic Charcoal, and used Tamiya dark gray, german gray, and flat black. The backpack and beam rifle was also painted with these colors. For the outer armor, I used Tamiya white, light gray, medium gray, and lemon yellow. The light gray was a lot darker than I though (the cap lied to me…). I custom mixed the two shades of blue and red, but Tamiya paints were once again used. Top coat was Krylon clear matte, not to be confused with Krylon clear flat which looks a lot flatter in my opinion.

Just some close up shots of the model kit. Didn’t do to much panel lines. I think this is my better paint job so far, but there can be improvements. Lets move on.

Some size comparisons first. First up is the real grade Gundam next to the HG Gundam AGE-1 Normal. And besides the difference in painting quality, this also shows the difference between a high grade and a real grade. Though granted, the AGE-1 can do as much things as the real grade… ^^;.

Real grade RX-78 next to the real grade Strike Gundam. Sorta makes me regret not using my primer for the light gray…

And the real grade RX-78 next to the master grade RX-78 version one year war.

Start of with the ever reliable beam rifle.

While the beam rifle does have a peg to put in a hole in the hand, I find that the kit can still hold the rifle without the peg.

Lazy attempt at the final shot.

The hyper bazooka also has a peg in the handle, like the beam rifle. But again, depending on the way you put the bazooka, the peg can be pretty useless.

I didn’t really bother with the beam saber handles with the pegs. The regular handle can be held if you warp the fingers real tight. The beams being 1/100 scale is minor gripe I have.

Yes the kit can do a kneeling pose, but you to cheat a little bit (removing a front skirt).

Just a little duel wielding.

Some final thoughts: This is an excellent kit. Being the first real grade, this kit does have some problems. Namely, the skirt armors can pop off when you pose the legs. The kit has some balance issues, seeing as the feet has several points of articulation and the feet are kinda small too. Some of the arms and legs pieces can also fall off, but since I painted this kit, the pieces haven’t fallen off yet.The kit looks great, it’s like a having a mini model of the 1/1 scale RX-78. The core fighter can also transform into a core block, but there is also a core block you can use. Definitely recommending this kit. ^.^b


6 Responses to “1/144 Scale Real Grade RX-78-2 Gundam”

  1. […] with paint scratches. I’m also thinking about switching back to a black back drop. You can go here for the mini review or go to the real grade tab. With this done, I have so many kits to do… […]

  2. zoidiect said

    those are some bold dark gray o.o yet it really turns out good (somewhat got the feeling of this having some test armor pieces with those dark gray hehe)

  3. I think you can do the kneeling pose without removing the skirt by moving the waist section so that the legs connection are lower/more forward.

    • Tom said

      Ah, now that’s interesting now that you mention that. But I was never fond of the way the hips moved back and forth like that.

  4. Yeah we all have the same problems with RG, but heck they are still awesome in detail! =3

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